Art With Care

Welcome to Art with Care

Hi! I'm Carrie. I call my business "Art with Care" because I believe in doing the best work possible with care (and that's my nickname). My specialties consist of Graphic Design and Custom Portraiture.

Thanks to the amazing world of technology available today, there is no need to worry about hiring an artist that is not local!

We can discuss your project via Skype and everything from there is done via email, even the files sent to the printer are digitally done from my computer to their FTP site.

Easy! No more worries about paying for benefits or healthcare. Hire me as a freelancer and your business receives the benefits!

Contact me for your graphic design print needs.

I am taking orders for custom portraits.

Feel free to browse through my work and Enjoy!


2002 LA Dodgers Spring Training Program
Peter Frampton Signed Portrait
Cruise America Poster
Marcia & Ishi:  Prismacolor Pencils
PBG Magazine
Pete & Rusty: Prismacolor Pencils
PBG Magazine 2
Cheerleader: Ebony Pencil
Countryside Citrus Rack Card
Jonathan & Allison: Ebony Pencil